There are only a few things in life that really make me angry. Like seeing red kind of angry. Hurting animals is one of those things.

A Livingston man should be seeing years behind bars for the horrific crimes he has committed. Please read this with caution.

Over 60 dogs were rescued from living conditions no animal should ever experience. The director of Prairie Song Rescue was contacted in early December regarding some animals that were going to need assistance, as the owner was going to be going to jail the following day.

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When Prairie Song Rescue arrived on the scene, they couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Jessica Zimmermann, who is the president of Prairie Song Rescue told the Livingston Enterprise:

There was a three-dog fight going on that ended up in the death of a dog while we were on site. There was a dog that had such a bad broken leg for so long that every time it moved its shoulder, pus would squirt out. It was absolutely horrific. Worms hanging out of dogs. I have done a ton of work in third world countries, but rarely ever see anything this bad and never in United States- Zimmermann (LE)


I can not even imagine the feeling of sorrow, and sadness followed by anger that these hero's of Prairie Song Rescue had to witness when pulling up to the property. Then realizing how horrific the situation actually was had to be absolutely appalling.

Just a few things that the rescue workers and volunteers walked into were:

  • dogs locked in their kennels covered in sores
  • male dogs fighting to get to the female dogs who were in heat
  • dogs with giardia and coccidia
  • respiratory illnesses
  • kennels full of feces

All underfed, full of worms, clearly beaten and some reverting to semi-ferality, a nightmare doesn’t even cut it.-Zimmermann


Tens of thousands of dollars have been spent helping these animals in the last month. There are numerous ways you can help too.

Heading to the Prairie Song Rescue website and checking out their Facebook Page are two of the easiest ways. No animal should ever have to be put through the hell that these poor babies have been put through.

I pray for justice to be served with the maximum sentence in this case.

cc: Livingston Enterprise, Prairie Song Rescue

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