Bozeman's housing prices continue to rise, and there has been little relief for hopeful home-buyers.

Big Sky MLS
Big Sky MLS

Every now and then, I like to take a look at real estate listings in the Bozeman area to keep track of what's happening in the housing market. Every time I look, I see several homes, apartments, and condos listed at well over $1,000,000.

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Honestly, if you find a home for less than that, consider yourself lucky. Expensive homes that are unattainable for most people have become the new normal in Bozeman. You can't drive down any street without seeing some sort of new development.

We first learned about the Wildlands Development Project back in March, but pricing for the 12 units wasn't available.

Wildlands is expected to open in Fall/Winter 2023 and is located at 600 N. Wallace near Wild Crumb and Fink's Delicatessen. A few of the amenities include a heated garage, modern tech features, and great views of the Bridgers. It all sounds really nice, but the price is out of reach for most people. The smallest of the 12 units is 1,740 sq. ft. and prices start at $1,395,000. For more information about the Wildlands Development Project, click here.

Big Sky MLS
Big Sky MLS

There's currently a 2,240 sq. ft. unit listed for sale on for $2,100,000. The Wildlands Development Project is a great example of what is happening in Bozeman's housing market. Historic neighborhoods are getting bulldozed and replaced by luxury high-end developments. The fabric of Bozeman is disappearing right in front of our eyes, and most people don't have the means to stop it.

Instead, we just sit by and watch places that we love slowly disappear.

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