Thanks to the MSU Library, you can check out a new interactive learning experience at this year's fair called “Ivan Doig: Voices and Vistas.” The fair reached out to MSU to ask them to put together an exhibit for all ages made up of reading, writing, research, and lived experience using the Ivan Doig Archive, which is housed physically at the MSU Library’s Special Collections.

You’ll find the exhibit in Exhibit 1, all set up to have a sheepherder wagon feel with an old stove, pots and pans. There will also be archive computer access, desks to show what Doig’s writing spaces were like, and kids can even type on old Olympia typewriters (most kids probably have never even seen a typewriter in real life!).

Country Bookshelf will be right next to Exhibit 1, selling Doig’s books and other Montana-related titles. Plus, the Bozeman Public Library Bookmobile will be just outside and west of Exhibit 1 with daily activities like button making, building challenges, and book check-out.

Doig, who passed away in 2015 in Seattle, was a third-generation Montanan born in White Sulphur Springs. He eventually left Montana but continued to use the people and landscapes of Montana as the backdrop for many of his books.

Fairgoers can find the Ivan Doig Exhibit open from noon to 8 p.m starting tomorrow (Wednesday) through Saturday, and noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday. Exhibit 1 is the southernmost building of the exhibit buildings and located just beside DockDogs during the fair.

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