One thing I love about these ridiculous holidays that randomly show up is that it gives you an excuse to indulge some of your favorite things. Like today, it's National Beer Day and here in Bozeman we have some of the best breweries in whole state of Montana. So I thought I would give you my Top Five Beers to get in Bozeman. I will also include the breweries so you know where to go.

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  • 1

    Hanging Judge at Outlaw Brewing

    I am a big fan of strong red ales and at Outlaw Brewing they have a fantastic one called the Hanging Judge. It was hard to choose one at Outlaw but this one is my personal favorite. Go check out Outlaw Brewing's website for all of their beer selection.

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    Dank Vader at Map Brewing

    I love beer that is heavy and delicious and the Dank Vader at Map Brewing is fantastic. Map has quite a few beers that are really tasty, so it's great place to go try something new. If you are in the mood for a great Double IPA then go get the Dank Vader at Map Brewing. Check out all of their beers at Map Brewing website.

  • 3

    Old School APA at 406 Brewing

    I feel like 406 Brewing is a bit underrated due to I always forget to go over there and get a great beer. I usually get the Old School APA which is perfect beer right before you get dinner. Check out all the beers at 406 Brewing on their website.

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    Copper John at Madison River

    One of the most well known breweries in the state and I think this is one of their best beers. I know everyone loves Salmon Fly but this Scottish ale is perfect. Perfect hanging out with friends and having a good time beer. Check out Madison River Brewing for all of their beer selection.

  • 5

    Katabatic American Pale Ale

    Even though it's in Livingston I love getting this beer on draft. The Katabatic American Pale Ale from Katabatic Brewing is perfect. It's light and has a great taste and you just want to have about three with dinner. Check out Katabatic's website for all off their great beer selection.

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