What is it that makes your world go ’round?  Is it your children, your family, work, a hobby?  For everyone it’s something different.  For me, no doubt about it – it’s my three crazy dogs. People have different views on pets, but to me these 3 bring  me happiness on a daily basis.

I got Lucy when she was a year old from the Humane Society.  She had been severely beaten and neglected – and the shelter explained that unfortunately she was turned in by a neighbor “who saw he get dropkicked” by her former owner.  The thought of this even now 7 years later brings tears to my eyes.  She is my free spirit dog – she would much rather check out every smell, bird ect that she finds than chase a stick.

Lucy Loves Skiing 

And then there is my Kobe.  Say the word stick and he is there, he will fetch for hours.  He is my black lab that I got at 6 weeks old, again on his way to the shelter.  He was the cutest puppy and I feel in love with him immediately.  Kobe is my loyal dog – he will do absolutely anything to please.  He follows you around the house, in the yard, wherever you happen to go.  Kobe also finds that it is his job to guard the house -  no bunny, other dog, human or “other” will come within 10 feet of the house without hearing from him.  Kobe has had a ton of medical issues, and sometimes can be quite a regular at our favorite Vet, Valley View Veterinary Hospital.


Finally, and definitely not “last” – is my Sunshine.  Sunny is a corgi lab mix, and it’s rare that we are out somewhere without tons of people asking about her.  I got her at barely 5 weeks, because she wouldn’t have made it one more day where she was.  She was so so so tiny, and fit in my hand at that time.  Sunshine is a crazy dog, and she is either running around like crazy – or asleep, on you of course.  She thinks she is a lap dog even though she is three feet long from nose to the tip of her tail – and weighs about 40 pounds.  You cannot escape Sunshine, if she is around you – you are expected to play in any and all of her games.  She will bring a smile to anyone’s face, and is the life of my house.


SO – needless to say I live in a doggie filled life.  We’ve had our fair share of sickness, bumps ect – but this last week was right up there with the toughest days I have had.  When I stopped home during work, I noticed that they had gotten into some grapes from up on the counter.  I didn’t think much of it but decided to google it to make sure it wasn’t too bad – turns out Grapes are toxic to dogs.  Now let me explain, I am not an idiot dog owner.  I know about chocolate, rhubarb leaves, ect – I had never heard of grapes.  Grapes and raisins are SUPER toxic, and its one of those cases where they can eat pounds and be ok, or they can eat one and NOT be ok.    The vet wanted them immediately.  I didn’t understand really how toxic they were, until I was informed that these 3 loves of my lives would have to stay at the vet for 48 – 72 hours on IV’s.  Grapes can shut down their kidneys, and the more they flush them out the better.  I trust my vet, and will do whatever she says when it comes to my yahoos.

I was ok until I drove away, that’s when the panic set in. W hat would my life be like without these 3, I can not bear the thought.  To go home to my empty house was horrible, I kept just walking around the yard wishing they were there.  I didn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat – I just felt empty inside.  I got the great news Friday night that I was going to be able to take them home Saturday morning.  This was the first relief I felt in what seemed like super long days.  I picked them up and we spent our weekend playing stick, going on walks, and sleeping.  I think they had been up for all those hours too.

For me it was another one of those gut checks that asks you what you want in life.  How do you want to live, what do you focus your energy on?  I want to give them a great life, which also means good things for me.   What makes your world go round?  Do you spend enough time on that, or are you caught up in day to day living?

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