Did you know that there is an actual National Toy Hall of Fame? Yep, a real brick-and-mortar building that you can tour and check out all of the toys that have made the cut. (By the way, apparently you can't play with the toys at the museum, I looked into it).

Every year, they offer up different toys for consideration of induction into the Hall of Fame, and to be honest, there are a couple on this year's list that I was shocked to learn haven't been inducted yet.

Classic toys such as Lite-Brite, Nerf Toys, and the Top have been around for generations and if you ask me, should be shoe-ins for a Toy Hall of Fame. I mean, I had all three as a kid, and isn't the Top like one of the original toys?

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The whole thing got me thinking, and I wanted to find out what Montanans would pick as their all-time favorite toy, so I asked them. Their answers were like a walk down memory lane. Here are some of the more popular answers:

  • Barbie and all of her accessories- There were never any Barbies in my house growing up, but I did have some cousins that were totally into the whole Barbie scene.  I did think the Barbie Corvette was cool, though.
  • Tonka Trucks- I was a total Tonka Truck kid. In fact, I'm old enough that I had the real deal steel Tonka Trunks. They're now hidden away in one of our closets in case I ever have kids. Generations of boys and girls played outside with Tonka Trucks, but of course, that was back when kids still played outside.
  • Bicycles- How fun was getting on your bike and riding around with your friends back in the day? A kid's first bike can be one of the most monumental moments of childhood.
  • Easy Bake Oven- Several folks said that the Easy Bake Oven was their favorite toy from childhood. Once again, we didn't have one in my house growing up, but the same cousins that had Barbies also had an Easy Bake Oven and I remember waiting for what seemed like forever for those brownies to be done.
  • Legos- For years, Legos have been a favorite for kids. Generations of children have used Legos and their imaginations to design all kinds of creations. From spaceships to houses, there isn't much you can't make with Legos.
  • Dolls- From the old-school Baby Dolls to Raggedy Ann to Cabbage Patch Kids, dolls have always been a big part of childhood. While they've certainly advanced over the years, they've also remained very popular.
  • A Cardboard Box- Yep, just an old cardboard box made the list. Of course, with the right box, a little duct tape, and creative imagination, you could make darn near anything. From forts to cars to boats, a cardboard box can absolutely turn into hours of fun for a kid.

There were several more answers from folks. For me, this is a tough question. I have so many fond memories from my childhood of playing with toys and my friends, but maybe it wasn't the toy as much as it was the fun I had with others.

Did your favorite toy make this list? If not, what toy was your favorite?


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