If you haven't seen the new speed limit signs on Jackrabbit and the Frontage Road in Belgrade, here's a heads up before you get a ticket. The Montana Department of Transportation announced this week the following new speed limits:

  • Jackrabbit from Durston to Pollywog Lane is now 55 MPH (down from 70 MPH).
  • West Main in Belgrade is 35 MPH west to 13th Street, 45 MPH extending west to Bolinger Rd, and 55 MPH extending west to 4 Dot Ln.

The Montana Transportation Commission approved the new speed limits based on Gallatin County officials' recommendations at the October 22, 2020 meeting in Helena.

The new speed limits have been a hot topic on social media this week. Here are a few comments that were shared on Facebook.

"By dropping the limit, now even more trucks will take Huffine. The nice thing about Jackrabbit was being able to sail through in the middle of the night." - Ben

"That will cause more wrecks. Packing traffic always has bad results. Then you will have the people who like to play traffic cops sitting in the fast lane. Tempers will rise and wrecks will happen. Changing limits is usually about making money." - Joe

"I'm glad it's getting slowed down... 60 seems like a good speed, 55 might seem a bit slow though... I still wish the yellow lights would go back up... or have a longer yellow on the lights." - Rob

There are still some lingering construction spots on Jackrabbit Lane. MDT reminds drivers to reduce speeds through the work zone, follow all posted signage, and be mindful of changing roadway conditions.

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