If you want to break the bank when it comes to dinner, these places are within an hour of Bozeman.

A few days ago, we did a post about the Most Expensive Restaurant in Montana, and according to the list, it was The TEN in Billings, Montana. The TEN is known for its beautifully cooked steaks, enhancements, and professional atmosphere.

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Over the past few days, we've had a few people let us know there are more expensive restaurants that are closer to Bozeman. 

One of the restaurants is the The Grill at Sage Lodge in Pray, Montana. Looking at their menu, you will need to open a line of credit to eat at this restaurant. The Grill at Sage Lodge offers several different steaks that range in quality, and they're very pricey. 

The other restaurant is Horn & Cantle at Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, Montana. Horn & Cantle's menu is as pricey as Sage Lodge, but Horn & Cantle also offers a tomahawk steak at a whopping $209 and a Florentine steak at $264. At either restaurant, you will be paying quite a bit. 

Horn and Castle via Facebook
Horn and Castle via Facebook

The reason these restaurants didn't hit our radar earlier is that usually, the people who go to these restaurants are staying at the resorts (as they're both located within the resorts). It's rare that locals will drive over an hour for a dinner, especially one that will drain their bank account. 

We aren't saying these restaurants aren't worth the trip. I bet the meals are worth every penny, but you better make sure you have the funds to pay for this type of dinner (and gas). I would love to try one of these restaurants one day, whatever it might cost. 

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