Bozeman has always been a haven for ski bums, outdoors enthusiasts, and quite a few people that live the so-called hippie lifestyle.

Peace Sign
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One person is concerned about the population of hippies in Bozeman. A few days ago on the Bozeman Reddit page, u/Kenstaa had a few questions about the number of hippies that live in Bozeman.

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His rant began saying;

Too many hippies

Flat Tire
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After the opening line, the Reddit user explained his reasoning behind the question.

Why does everyone wear the same overpriced outdoor gear and only sit inside and smell like a hippie?

Honestly, he has an excellent point. There are a lot of people that wear overpriced outdoor gear. The smell of patchouli is also a common scent that can be found throughout Bozeman.

Where the darn did all these hippies come from that are more stupid than a box of rocks?

Despite sightings of people wearing Birkenstocks with socks (which isn't a good look, BTW), and the smell of marijuana drifting through the air, I haven't noticed a ton of hippies personally.

Hippie Bus
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The next question that was asked was the best of all.

Why do you guys wait in the 30-minute Starbucks line?

This one is truly mindboggling. Literally, every time I drive by Starbucks on Main St. there is a ridiculously long line. I've often asked myself the same question. Honestly, what is so special about Starbucks?

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

The man also wanted to know why hippies don't hunt. It's most likely because their diet consists of granola and organic vegetables. If this guy is trying to pick a fight with the local hippies in Bozeman, he's going to have a hard time. Hippies don't like to fight and are generally happy people. Maybe he could learn a thing or two from them.

To read the Reddit post and comments, click here.

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