When I was back in Jr High and High School, I would always look forward to "Pizza Day" in the Cafeteria.

I'm not sure what it was, but those rectangle slices of Heaven tasted so good. So much so, that I thought about having kids just so they would go to school and I could go to lunch with them on "Pizza Day".

Sadly, I'm told that the rectangle deliciousness that many of us fondly remember, isn't so delicious anymore. Like many things in life, in an effort to make things more healthy, they went and screwed up an iconic treat.

I know, I know, you're thinking well "Pizza" and "Healthy" really don't go together, and I would have totally agreed with you up until the other day.  You see, I made a little lunch stop at Red Tractor Pizza here in Bozeman, and let me just say....WOW.

There are a ton of options and some really unique combinations.  Plus, for those of you that are Gluten Free or Vegetarian and or Vegan, they totally have you covered. I'm a traditional guy, so I won't be going down the healthy lane, but for so many that love pizza and want to be healthy, Red Tractor Pizza is a place worth checking out.

Red Tractor Pizza via Facebook
Red Tractor Pizza via Facebook

I opted for the lunch special which was two slices and a drink. I went with Pepperoni and it was extremely good. The slices are HUGE and I walked out of there spending less than 10 bucks before tip, which here in Bozeman, that's a pretty good deal for lunch.

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