We all know about the big bars downtown and the Barmuda Triangle (Haufbrau, Scoop, and Molly Brown) but there are some bars that deserve more recognition. We asked around about underrated bars in the Gallatin Valley and came up with some gems.

  • 1

    Hide-A-Way Lounge

    Cheap drinks, TV's everywhere and Brewsker's is located inside the building so you can get great food as well. Never a bad choice to get together with friends and have a casual drink.

  • 2

    The Club Tavern

    Located inside the GranTree Inn, this place is fantastic to go have brunch and watch football. The food is top notch and the menu is great for just about anyone.

  • 3

    Broken Arrow

    Recommended by one of our coworkers who lives in Manhattan. This bar gets high praise for very cheap drinks and wall-to-wall TV's. The only downside is that it's a bit of a drive to Manhattan.

  • 4

    JR's Lounge

    Another fantastic recommendation, this Belgrade bar is is deceptively bigger that what you expect from looking at the outside. Plenty of space for people to get together to watch a game and have a drink while not dealing with a big crowd.

  • 5

    Colonel Blacks

    Often forgotten about, Colonel Blacks is located underneath the Pourhouse and next to the Zebra Cocktail Lounge and is small but is perfect for a casual drink or to hang out with friends.

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