Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook spent some time in Montana over the weekend talking about climate change.

While in Montana, Zuckerberg visited Glacier National Park and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. One of the main focuses of Zuckerberg's trip around the globe is to observe the effects of climate change.

This is what he had to say about Glacier National Park:

"The impact of climate change is very clear at Glacier. In the last hundred years, the average global temperature has risen 1.5 degrees. But in the high elevations of Montana where Glacier is the temperature is warming at 3x the global average -- enough to melt glaciers.

Since the 1850s, the number of glaciers here has gone from 150 to 25. In a couple of decades, there may not be any glaciers left in the park at all. The people here have no idea what the effects will be when glacier water stops flowing into the ecosystem."

Here is his Facebook post from his visit to the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Browning.

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