Want to make a little extra spending cash and possibly be featured in a Carhartt commercial? Montana has a lot of farmers and ranchers, and Carhartt is a popular choice in durable workwear. It makes sense that Carhartt would want to film a commercial featuring hard working Montana residents.

On September 13, 14, and 15, Carhartt will be filming a commercial in the Livingston area. Here's what Carhartt had to say about the commercial.

We're shooting a commercial bringing every king of worker together in a massive, anthemic, cinematic way. A rallying cry that all people can get behind.

Background extras are needed for the commercial. If you or anyone you know has Monday off and would like to be in a Carhartt commercial, you are encouraged to reach out. Carhartt is excited to be filming in Montana, and is searching for workers, locals, and actors to be a part of their biggest commercial yet.

Extras will be paid $150 per day and catering including breakfast, a BBQ lunch, and snacks will be provided. The director is extremely experienced in both film and advertising.


If you're interested in being an extra in the Carhartt commercial, email a photo, basic wardrobe sizes, cell phone, and email address to Michele at filmranch.michele@gmail.com.

The commercial will be filmed on September 13, 14, and 15, but extras are needed primarily for Monday, September 13. If you don't have to work on Monday, this is a great opportunity to some extra money and be in an awesome commercial. Who knows? It could be your big break!

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