Did you happen to watch the skies on Monday? It was a constant stream of private jets taking off from Bozeman's airport, heading home to wherever these folks actually live.

The Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport was a VERY busy place on Monday, January 2nd, 2023, especially for the very well-to-do.

Before I even looked anything up or saw others poking fun at the constant take-offs online, we were joking at home about the number of non-commercial planes we were seeing. It really was unlike anything I've ever witnessed and it went on for HOURS.

For instance, take a peek at the departures list from Flight Radar 24, one of my favorite geek websites for flight tracking. In just a couple hours you'll see just how many of the total departures were private jets, owned or rented. People heading home from the holiday weekend at The Yellowstone Club? Probably, but of course, we have no idea exactly what they were doing. Your guess is as good as mine....but I've got a pretty good guess.

Flight Radar 24 - Bozeman, MT
Flight Radar 24 - Bozeman, MT

We don't have any confirmed insider details, but guessing from pictures I saw online from a few acquaintances...seems like there was quite the star-studded gathering up in Big Sky behind the gatehouse. No surprise, really. Wouldn't you party like that if you were world famous or a billionaire? Sure ya would.

It was really something to see on Monday. The weather was mediocre in the morning but got much nicer as the day went on, so we spent a large portion of the afternoon outside picking up and chipping any ice on the driveway. Seemed like every few minutes there was another non-commercial flight taking off.

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