Workers under 30 are twice as likely to take time off if they have a cold than the older generation, according to a survey.

A poll of 3,000 adults found the fast-paced modern workplace is taking its toll on younger workers.

More than two thirds of under-30s took at least one day off for a cold in the last year compared to less than half of those aged over 55.

Younger workers were also more likely to suffer from flu, allergies and food intolerances. It also emerged that they took time off because of stress, tiredness and feeling run-down while most of those over-55 said it wouldn't be a reason to call in sick.

Nearly one in five people aged 18-29 admitted to calling in sick because they considered themselves 'too hungover' to go to work and this age group was also likely to call in sick for ailments such as constipation.

What's the worst excuse you've ever used or heard of to avoid coming into the office?

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