Employees Under 30 More Likely To Call In Sick
Workers under 30 are twice as likely to take time off if they have a cold than the older generation, according to a survey.
A poll of 3,000 adults found the fast-paced modern workplace is taking its toll on younger workers.
More than two thirds of under-30s took at least one day off for a cold in…
Sick – Colleen At The Ridge
One issue with having three young children in preschool and school is that they pick up crud from other kids.  This week, I have had two sick kids at two different times.  I am getting it.  I could feel it yesterday when I woke up...
Can Too Clean Be Too Much For Children?
Typically, little girls are cleaner than their hole digging, bug squashing, eat what's been on the ground counterpart known as little boys. But a current study has theorized that squeaky clean girls are more likely to get sick later on than the the dirty boys.
The Flu
I got my first flu shot ever last month, thanks to my employer, Townsquare Media, XL Country 100.7!  I was pretty leary about getting it.  Not sure I wanted to go that route.  I haven't had the flu or been really sick like that for years...
Mommy Memos: Everyone is sick!
Everyone is sick!!!
There is some kind of nasty crud going around and everyone in my house has it.  Part of my job is having my husband Mike at home taking care of the kids in the morning.  I have had no less than five calls asking me where the thermometer is...