This morning I had a little tickle in that back of my throat and I don't want to get sick. Lauren from Bozeman called in and suggested swallowing 3 cloves of garlic to ward off a cold before it sets in.  So, Dave sent Ally to the store to pick up some garlic.

Watch the video below to see Ally eat the garlic while live on the air.

Some other remedies XL Nation suggested were:

  • Daniese - "Garlic is a all natural antibiotic."
  • Carol - "Umcka is amazing."
  • Meghan - "2 Tablespoons Bragg apple cider vinegar, dash of cinnamon, dash of lemon juice, heaping Tablespoon of raw honey in a mug with hot water."
  • Nicole - "Zinc and Garlic! ((There are tablets you can buy at the store, easier that eating garlic!))"
  • Jill - "Elderberry 3 times a day."
  • Deb - "Thieves essential oil! This is the perfect time to use it, right when symptoms start."

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