This is the reason I get my Christmas shopping and wrapping done so early.  It never fails, some crud goes around the school, and I get it last. My kids are all starting to feel better, and I have been drinking Emergen-C like wine. Obviously, it didn't work, because I have fever, chills, stuffy nose, ugly, the whole deal.  I have to do all my grocery shopping tomorrow, didn't get the house cleaned today, so I can add that to the list, I also have 3 Christmas programs, have to help out in 2 classrooms, and start the holiday cooking.  I remember this kind of thing happening to my Mom when I was a kid.  She always managed to get everything done in time for Christmas with a smile on her face.  I am trying to do the same thing.  Now that I have kids of my own, my Mom is my hero, right along side my Dad.  I see what they did, what they sacrificed, how hard they worked, and how they made sure we had an amazing childhood.  Parenting is hard work sometimes, but it is worth every single second.  So, I will load up on Thera-flu and get the job done.  If there's a silver lining, it's that at least I got the crud now, instead of on Christmas!

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