Thank you to all who shared their stories and kind words about Colleen O'Quinn! We have compiled a list of all the fan submissions right here. I'll admit it's pretty tough to read through with blurry vision.

We will miss you Colleen I can still remember listening to you and Pete in the mornings back when I was in grade school. Thanks for so many great mornings! -Collin Todd

Best wishes to you in whatever adventure awaits you. I have listened to you since you first went on the air...through the first baby and the adventures since.
Good luck. -KC

Will miss hearing you in the morning and knowing Mike is home with the kids :) - Marcia Jarrett

Well I hate to see you go. Been listening for 7 and every morning was a joy to listen to her giving crap to her partener in crime made me smile , thanks kido it's been fun. Thank you! You're a superstar to us. Good luck! - John McGuigan

Russell and Colleen at the 2013 Headwaters Country Jam
Russell and Colleen at the 2013 Headwaters Country Jam

We will miss listening to you in mornings. Have a great time with your kids. They grow up to fast.Kerry

Thank you Colleen for all the many laughs you've given me over the years. I've been an XL listener for quite a while now and am going to miss all your great stories about your family. I love the bantering back and forth between you and Russell, and you and Pete. We are sure going to miss you! Take care!Dawn Kreuz

We've been listening to Colleen since before she was on XL Country (on another station). Loved her then and was a main reason (along with her partnership with Pete Hanson)that we started listening to country music. Thanks for coming to our box at the Cat football game for a jello shot - you're always welcome there! Will miss you and the stories of your kids! Take care and enjoy this new phase of your life!Alice Wilson

Colleen and Shania
Colleen and Shania

Finally got to meet this beauty. You will be missed! Thanks for a great time.Shania

HI Colleen, I just want to say how much I will miss hearing your voice every morning from now on. I sure do hate it for me but I am being selfish. I truly wish you all the very best that life can offer! You may have said why you were leaving and if so I missed it. Funny how we want to know.....
With all my best!Pat Brone

I just want everyone to know that it is going to very hard for the station to find anyone to take Colleens place on the morning show, she was the greatest, and I loved her will greatly miss her and Russell in the morning to get up too. Hope she has a great life and enjoy those kids they are very important.Judy DeHaan

Gonna Miss you Colleen in the morning show... I love to hear the Pledge Of Allegiance every work day morning. I hope that tradition doesn't go away as well. It isn't going to be the same...Janet

Colleen you made my mornings at work so enjoyable! You and "Rusty" made such a great team, you made me laugh listening to you give him a hard time. I listen online at work and it just wasn't the same this morning!! Being a Mom is THE MOST IMPORTANT job there is and your kiddos will appreciate having you home more. Maybe some day we will get to listen to you on the radio again! You are already missed more than you could ever imagine!! Hope to see you around town!!!Suzanne George

Gonna miss your lovely voice and your funny wise cracks!!! Not sure I will be able to go on. ;) Enjoy your kids! They grow so fast!Amber in Dillon

Colleen and Shelly
Colleen and Shelly

Well I moved to Bozeman in 2005. I tuned into xl country and well I really enjoyed listening. I remember I entered the bobcat tailgate party and well I won! Colleen called me and I was so happy! I met her at the game and had a blast! Colleen, you are such a great person and I wish the very best in your future! God Bless!Shelly

Bozeman won't be the same without you waking up half the town every morning! It's been great getting to know you and your family over the years. We will miss you and Matthew being here in the mornings!Cole

It is a very sad day! I have been listening to you since the mornings at work just won't be the same without you! Best of luck to you Sure am going to miss have made me laugh and cry at the same has been a good run! Thank you so much!!!!Vicki Jones

Colleen, You have no idea how much you will be missed. I have been listening to you from the get go. I've known your in-laws for a number of years and it's been fun getting to know you through the radio. I will miss all your stories about Mike and the kids. You know as well as anyone that when we listen to radio personalities on a daily basis, they become part of our families. So you, Colleen, have been a great sister. Best of luck in all your future endeavors.Cheryl Johnson

We will miss you! You were always welcome at our house in the am. Will miss the up-dates on your family. Our best to you!Marj & Butch J

All the way from Council Bluffs, Ia. I found your station on the net and listened every day for the past year and really enjoyed you..esp about the kids and what goes on up there. Will miss you and your co host. I hope to take a vc up
there this year. You were great and will think of you. Blessings to you and your family -

have been listening a long time and enjoyed pete and colleen and then colleen and russell. have won some great 'prizes' with my passwords and they are greatly appreciated. hope to see you in the call center for St Jude!
the mornings just are not the same. 
- Janet Carlson Krob

I have listened to Colleen and Pete then Russell so long. Oh I know those kids are important but I will and do miss you soooooo much, Life will have to go on but its tough without you. You always made the day start and so much interest of all the surroundings Enjoy your life it gets too short but get one the radio and tell us how you are doing or Facebook. - Fran Batchelder

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