One issue with having three young children in preschool and school is that they pick up crud from other kids.  This week, I have had two sick kids at two different times.  I am getting it.  I could feel it yesterday when I woke up.  Mine is just a cold, but it has affected me.  Not like before when I was so weak and sick before my surgery, but I noticed it yesterday when I tried to work out.

Annie noticed it too.  My balance was off, I was having problems concentrating, and I wasn't as strong as usual.  I am still glad I went to The Ridge, though.  I love that Annie didn't push me too hard.  She could tell I didn't feel well, and was easy on me.  She's not easy on me if it's self induced illness (hangover)!

I can't wait to get to one of the many classes The Ridge offers.  My work schedule is making it difficult to get to the morning classes, but there are some during the day and at night that I plan on going to.  I really want to try the Pilates classes.

I am going to try and upload a video from my workout with Annie on Friday.  Yikes.  Don't really want to see myself working out, but maybe it will show you that you don't have to look good, or be graceful when you are at The Ridge!

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