I was just binge watching videos on YouTube and I came across a video on the BuzzFeed channel called Eugene Drinks Every State's Iconic Drink. I was intrigued especially because I didn't know Montana had an official drink and I could learn something new. Plus, I wanted to see what all the other state's weird drinks are. WARNING:NSFW LANGUAGE(I have the video when it talk about Montana to make life easier.)

Montana's Iconic Drink is the 'Whiskey Ditch'. Which is a small glass filled with some ice and 2 oz. of whiskey and 2 oz. of water. Ditch means to add water. I had no idea about this and ditch is a regional term mostly used here in Montana. Did you know that? It's incredible. I highly recommend watching the rest of the video because it's interesting what state's iconic drinks are(my favorite is that Idaho consumes more wine than any other state).

Have you had a Whiskey Ditch before? Did you like it? Let me know.

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