If you have been sleeping under a rock...which I know most of you haven't, but let's admit, sometimes under that rock is peaceful and I like it, ANYWAY, tonight is your LAST CHANCE to win not only TICKETS, but SWAG, and DINNER FOR TWO!


Yes you read that correctly, my bestie will be performing AT Bourbon Saturday night! Tickets are super cheap, only $20 bucks a person. (That's like 1/3 of a gel set ladies). Noah Nash and the Bigun's will take the stage at 9:30 and rocking it out late!

Noah Nash and the Bigun's have been playing Nashville for a bit now and they are bringing their back country swap style to the stage. I can't help but appreciate every inch of this dude...his words not mine "the half ton man' is gonna rock the stage.

Bourbon is the perfect spot for Barbeque, Bourbon, and Bands. The high ceilings make the sound incredible throughout, their reasonably price menu will put a little food in your belly before you start throwing them back! (Be a responsible driver)

Click HERE to enter yourself to win a pair of tickets, dinner for two (or one...no one said you had to share, you get like $50 so spoil yourself), and some SUPER cool swag. Make sure you don't let a girl borrow the hoodie you will most likely buy while you are there...you don't want another one to go missing.

WHO: Noah Nash and the Bigun's

WHAT: Swap Country with a mix of blues and awesome

WHERE: Bourbon (off of 7th and Aspen) Parking in the back!

WHEN: Saturday the 22nd @ 9:30!!

See ya tomorrow Bozeman!

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