There are certain events that we spend a ridiculous amount of time getting ready for that really only last about 2 minutes.

The Kentucky Derby is one of those events. The guys get to put on an uncomfortable bow tie or vest and get their eyes poked out for hours by their ladies huge hat they had to wear for the special occasion.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about a big hat. They're really only appropriate certain times of the year. So ladies, embrace that floppy hat all day Saturday.

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The Kentucky Derby is a great time every year. Most places will have drink specials, prizes, delicious food, and all of this happens while we watch horses, with tiny guys riding them, run around a track.

Here are a few places you can go watch the Derby and hopefully win a prize or two.


The party starts at 2 PM with some of your favorite drinks to celebrate the Kentucky Derby. Prizes and fun are on the menu.

Bourbon Facebook Page
Bourbon Facebook Page

Rockin R Bar

From 3 PM to 6 PM the Rockin R will have:

  • A huge giveaway from Bulliet for best Kentucky Derby outfit
  • Special Derby Day Cocktails + Prizes
  • **The giveaway will be immediately after the race**

Willie's Distillery (Ennis)

Dress your best so you have the chance to win fun prizes. You'll also get to enjoy live music from Tessy Lou & Luke Williams starting at 5:30 PM.

Willie's Distillery Facebook page
Willie's Distillery Facebook page

Harlowton Moose Lodge and Gally's

Potluck style food...bring your favorite shareable...or don't, either way this is gonna be FUN. Mint Julep's and Derby Mules are just a couple of the drink specials you can enjoy while dressed in your "Derby Best". Of course, the best dressed will be crowned a winner with a fun prize.

Harlowton Moose Lodge/Gully's
Harlowton Moose Lodge/Gally's

Now that you know where you can celebrate with friends, the quickest 2 mins of your life, enjoy and make sure to be responsible. Have a designated driver available.

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