The music scene in Bozeman is like no other and it's so very obvious. From live music at local venues throughout town all week long, to festivals that draw in crowds from all over the U.S. Headwaters Country Jam is just one of the highlights of the year for up and coming artists. A spot for them to make their big break, let the fans hear some of their best and introduce themselves to the fans.

BEXAR official facebook page
BEXAR official facebook page

BEXAR (pronounced BEAR) is definitely a group of guys that are going places. A mix of folk, country and bluegrass, BEXAR is going to soar in the world of country music. Writing their own songs taken from their life experiences makes this group a handful of lyrical geniuses, and it shows when they are performing. Originating from Texas and Tennessee, BEXAR has so much musical talent there isn't anything stopping them. Rained out at Headwaters Country Jam, they knew they wanted to perform as much as possible. Hitting up the brunch crowd at one of Bozeman's newest spots, Bourbon, the band put on a perfect afternoon show. Spending some downtime exploring the cool main streets in Bozeman, the group later performed at The Pour House.


Making their first radio appearance on your very own XL Country Morning Show, BEXAR gave our listeners a taste of some of my personal favorites and their latest hit Key To Life. The talent between all five of the members of BEXAR is far superior to other talent in their genre. The group's manager Scott, bragged about the talent these guys have and can confidently see the success that is up and coming for them. Opening for Keith Urban in Las Vegas, BEXAR is a group you will definitely want to get familiar with. I'm lucky to get to call them my friends, soon enough I'll be buying tickets to their show. You can get all of BEXAR's information right here!

PICTURES: See the Hottest Artists Under 25 in Country Music in 2021

Some of the best, most inspiring and most diverse artists in country music today are under the age of 25. The collection of singers Taste of Country chose to highlight for our annual Hottest Country Artists Under 25 feature in 2021 include two reality TV veterans, a budding superstar and several artists who are stubbornly doing things differently than anyone else in country music.

Best Country Albums of 2021 - Critic's Pick

There have been many creative country albums in 2021, but not all have hit the mark. Artists are more than ever toying with distribution methods and packaging as much as they are new sounds, so you get double and triple albums, Part 1 and Part 2, and digital EPs in lieu of a traditional 10 or 11-song release.

The bar for an EP on this list of the best country albums of 2021 is higher than an LP, but one project did crack the Top 10. Too much music proved to dampen other artist's efforts, although Alan Jackson's first album in years was filled with country music we couldn't turn away from. Where Have You Gone has 21 songs, but somehow no filler.

More than ever, this relied on staff opinion and artistic merit to allow for some parity among major label artists and independents. The 10 albums listed below are not ranked, although the year-end list published in the fall will crown a true best album of 2021.

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