If you live on a Bozeman side street be prepared to not have your street plowed until next week.  According to Melody Mileur, communications coordinator at the City of Bozeman, priority routes are the main focus for Bozeman crews.  Many of the priority routes are heavily traveled and don't include residential areas.

With the excessive amount of snow that has been falling in the Bozeman area and with more snow on the way for the rest of the week, we likely won't see plows on side streets until next week.

The snow plow workers are pushing hard to clear the snow but they can only do their job properly if you give them time and space.

Find out if you're effected on the map below.  On the map below the RED streets are the "Priority Streets" and will be vigorously maintained.  The ORANGE streets are a lower priority and will most likely be taken care of next week unless there is a safety concern.



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