Montana is home to many species of wildlife. The abundance of wild animals is one of the things that makes the state so great, but many animals in Montana can be deadly.

Grizzly Bear
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Each year, we read about people that have encounters with wild animals in Montana and most of them don't have a happy ending. Quite a few people have been injured or killed by wild animals in recent years. Montana is full of places that are truly untamed, and that's one of the reasons why people call it "The Last Best Place."

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Montana has a large population of grizzly bears and a long history of people being attacked or even killed. In addition to grizzlies, many people are gored by bison each year. When you're surrounded by wild animals, it's extremely important to give them space. The last thing you want to experience when exploring Montana's vast wilderness is coming face-to-face with a grizzly bear.

Western rattlesnake strike ready

Grizzlies are arguably the most deadly animal in Montana, but there are several other animals that you don't want to encounter. The state is full of predatory animals that wouldn't think twice about eating a human.

If you live in Montana, you're most likely aware of the dangerous animals that live here and know to avoid them. However, many visitors and tourists don't know about how dangerous animals can be, and unfortunately, have to learn the hard way.

puma cougar angry Snarling

If you're curious about what the most deadly animals in Montana are, we did some research and put together a list of the 10 most deadly animals you'll find in the Treasure State.

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