On the heels of Bozeman Regal Cinemas instituting a new assigned seat policy, we want to know what XL Nation thinks of the change.  Take our poll below and let us know what side of the aisle you stand on.

Some people weighed in on Facebook stating the following:

“Wow, this is a huge bummer I liked going to the movies... but I dont want to pick my seat and find out I have the tall guy with a hat in front of me or the annoying kids kicking my seat and what if u want to go last minute with friends? Cant sit with them now? Super sad and idiotic in my opinion” - Kayla

“Love it! Went yesterday for my daughters bday party and didn’t have to worry at all about finding seats, huge relief. . .” - Debbie

“No more movies for me”  - Megan



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