With the coronavirus spreading from China to other countries, the CDC (Centers for Disease & Control) said on Tuesday that for the United States it's not a matter of if the virus will reach us, but when and how many people will experience severe illness.

In actuality, there are 14 people in the United States who have already been diagnosed with coronavirus. Tuesday, the first american serviceman stationed in South Korea was identified with the illness. So far, there have been no deaths in the United States associated with coronavirus.

Officials in China reported 406 new cases and 52 new deaths from the novel coronavirus on Tuesday. That brings the total number of cases in the country to 78,064, and the total number of deaths in the country to 2,715.

According to the CDC, officials in Italy said the number of virus cases in the country increased 45% in the last day and there now have been 10 deaths. Officials said Tuesday that 322 people have confirmed infections, 100 more than reported late Monday.

San Francisco officials declared a state of emergency on Tuesday because of the anticipated arrival of the coronavirus in the United States, becoming the first major American city to do so.

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