On February 10th, just outside of Livingston, MT, the body of 19-year-old Jalen Williams was found along Highway 89. There have been different accounts of what happened to the teenager, but after an updated press release, which includes a timeline of events, it seems as though we could be getting more answers every day.

It has been stated that Williams had run 3.5 miles with no clothes on in 10-degree weather.

Justice for Jalen
Justice for Jalen

Williams' came to Montana to work on a ranch but is originally from the Chicago area. The original report noted that authorities did not think there was any foul play involved in this horrific incident and the updated press release below confirms that is still the belief.

From the City Of Livingston: 

LIVINGSTON, Montana – On the morning of February 10, 2023, the City of Livingston Police Department received a report of a deceased individual that was found in the City east of the US89 Veterans Bridge. The Department responded and immediately commenced an investigation to determine the identity of the individual and circumstances surrounding his demise. While there is still more to learn, conversations with each person known to have encountered the deceased individual in his final hours lead the City of Livingston to believe that the death, while tragic, was not the result of a criminal act.


The City of Livingston is also working diligently on numerous reports:

The City’s investigation has been supported by our law enforcement members at the County and State levels. In addition to the Park County Coroner, the City has been aided by both the State Medical Examiner, who is conducting the autopsy, and Crime Lab, who is performing the toxicology testing. The City appreciates the support of our partners as we work to understand the manner and cause of death in this case. More information will be released when the autopsy is finalized.

A timeline of events is helping the investigators understand what happened on this tragic evening. The timeline is also incredibly important for Williams' family so they can at least try to understand how this happened to their young son.

Timeline of events leading up to Williams' death from the City Of Livingston:

Witnesses have advised that Mr. Williams had not slept in the 48 hours before his death and was exhibiting abnormal behavior in the hours before he left the Loch Leven address at which he was residing. Those close to Mr. Williams have confirmed his history of insomnia.

• Based on witness statements, Mr. Williams was believed to have left the Loch Leven address where he was residing between 3:30 and 4:30 am.

• At approximately 5:00 am, several neighbors in the area of South M Street reported to 911 a male yelling near the Girl Scout Camp. The witnesses described the male’s yelling as a “psychiatric episode,” not yelling as if the male was being harmed. Officers responded but were unable to locate the male.

• At approximately 5:29 am, a truck driver reported seeing a naked male running along US Hwy 89 South. The male emerged from the dog park, just past Veteran’s Bridge, and was last seen running Eastbound on the shoulder of the Westbound Lane.

• Given the temperatures, the first truck driver was concerned for the male’s wellbeing and called a fellow truck driver who passed through the area minutes later. The second driver did not witness the naked male and so the second truck driver did not call 911 until he saw a news article.

• Mr. Williams’ body presented with a number of superficial scratches and scrapes, consistent with a nude person walking or running through a wooded area. The superficial injuries observed were not consistent with an assault nor were the injuries defensive in nature.

Anyone with any information regarding this horrific event is encouraged to contact the Livingston Police Department, at 406-222-2050.

cc: NBC Montana, Justice For Jalen Website

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