As you know, housing is hard to come by here in Bozeman, so as we wait for our apartment to be ready next week, I've been here while my wife and our two dogs are back in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Which means, that I've kind of just gone to work and then to where I'm staying and that's really about it.

While it's been a challenge, it has allowed me to catch on up some shows and discover a couple of new ones.

Before I start, let me say, I'm either super early to the party, or I'm way late.  I was on Schitt's Creek before most people ever heard of it.  However, this whole "Yellowstone" thing, well yea, I'm a little behind the curve.

So, I spent the weekend binge-watching.

Man, have I been missing out.  First of all, it is like the TV Show "Dallas" got together with "Legends of the Fall" and had a baby. I'm through the first two seasons and I will admit, I'm kind of hooked.

Everyone is rotten on that show (except for Tate), which makes for a fantastic storyline. All of the conflict, all of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, it is very well done.

I've been a Kevin Costner fan since he was in American Flyers back in 1985 and other than Water World, I've enjoyed almost all of his movies. However, I feel like this is his best role to date. You want to like him, you want to cheer for him, but the truth is, he is kind of a bad dude.  They all are. Yet, I find myself hoping it all works out for them in the end.


Throw in the fact there is a ton of Bozeman love and even some footage of Downtown Bozeman, well it just adds to the cool factor.  The subtle and not-so-subtle jabs at the "transplants" are well done, and the cinematography is gorgeous.

It is an adult show and there's a lot of foul language and a fair amount of violence, so I wouldn't recommend it for kids, but if you're looking for something to grab your attention and you haven't seen it yet.
Yellowstone is certainly worth checking out.

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