"Yellowstone" Hooked Me and Now I Can't Stop Binge Watching.
As you know, housing is hard to come by here in Bozeman, so as we wait for our apartment to be ready next week, I've been here while my wife and our two dogs are back in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Which means, that I've kind of just gone to work and then to where I'm staying and that's really about it...
It’s Finally Time – R Bar Grand Opening TODAY!
It was well over two years ago when the devastating explosion in downtown Bozeman shocked us all.  If you had spent any time in downtown before that tragic day, you knew and loved the Rockin R Bar.   I spent many of my biggest college (and after) nights out in this bar – turning 21, celebrating big Bobcat/Griz wins, Homecoming Parades, Music on Main, Karaoke – everyone has their own R Bar fav
Redbox Taking Over The World
For me, Redbox is changing how I watch movies.  I love the dollar rentals, convenience of no membership - I am officially hooked.  AND NOW they are ready to go online! WOOHOO!