Over the weekend I was lucky enough to see the Legend Lyle Lovett in concert at the Red Ants Pants Festival outside of White Sulphur Springs.  If I had to sum is up in one word it would be - FANTASTIC.My boyfriend Ross and I packed up the car and headed towards White Sulphur Springs around 5pm on Saturday.  It was a beautiful drive, although the rain was looking a little threatening.  We got there and looked around -  the grounds for the festival were beautiful, and things were running pretty smoothly minus trying to find the gate where you traded in your tickets for wristbands.  The weather cleared up and Lyle Lovett took the stage right on time with his "Big Band".  The Big Band consists of 14 UBER TALENTED musicians - every time he handed the spotlight over to any of them, they would rock.  And Lyle Lovett himself was absolutely wonderful.  Definitely a crowd pleasing performance by a wonderful collaboration of musicians!  Congrats to the Red Ants Pants peps for making this all happen in the middle of nowhere!