The Intermountain Opera Bozeman (IOB) is excited to be back for more entertainment! After a year of not being able to showcase their talent, due to covid, they are back and better than ever! Awarded the National Endowment for the Arts Award back in February, this group of individuals is full of talent and pure entertainment and ready to hit the stage. Kicking off September 10th and going thru May, you will have lots of time to see your favorites!

Let's see what is playing this year:

The Barber of Seville: Coming to the Hardscrabble Ranch is 90 minutes of family-friendly entertainment, you can hang with Figaro and his clan of cowboys, gold miners, and sheriffs for a fun-filled adventure through the wild west. This is in English so no worries there with the kiddos! After their final matinee on September 12th, you can purchase an add-on to your ticket and enjoy a catered dinner with the stars of the show with some extra-musical entertainment! Click here to check out the family packages available!

Hardscrabble Ranch Facebook Page

The Montana Mikado: Putting a twist on the original Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado, Soren Kisiel updates this Opera to a more "modern" take on Montana. Including music from the 19th century Arthur Sullivan original, Kisiel includes a contemporary splash of Bozeman's current culture. You can see this hilarious show at The Ellen Theatre in February! Click here for all the information you will need!

Photo courtesy of the Ellen Theater. Ellen Facade Renovation courtesy of Frank Cikan Architects

The Marriage of Figaro: If you are a fan of Downton Abbey like I am, you will surely enjoy this beloved comedy by Motzart. High fashion, social change, and laughter are going to be hitting the stage in May at the Willson Auditorium. Tickets and more information are available here!

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