Tuesday is National Teacher Appreciation Day, and this morning on the XL Morning Show, Dave & Ally offered listeners a chance to issue props and shoutouts to their favorite teachers. Here's some of the messages we received this morning during the show:

I'd love to get a shootout to Mrs Hamlin. When nobody else believed I would make it in life, she showed me how to tap into what I had and shine in a way no one else could. She gently urged me forward every day for 3 years and I know it wasn't just me then. In the same way I know she's still touching the lives of the kids she teaches now in that special way she has. You're amazing and we love you Mrs Hamlin!!! - Hope

Cale VanVelkinburgh was my English teacher at the Bridger Alternative. He gave me an air mattress because I didnt have a bed! He really went out of his way to get to know students and help them. He is now Vice Principal at Sacajawea Middle School. - Eric

Shout out to the teachers at Hearts and Hands Montessori in Belgrade! Those women are amazing, and have helped my son in more ways than I could have ever imagined.

Please give a shout out to Mrs Van Gelder our at Manhattan Christian ! She is a super wonderful 1st grade teacher! 

I wanna send a shout out to my mom who was a teacher for 15 years and my grandfather who was a chemist high school chemistry teacher for 32 years love you both and could have made it this far without you. - Lisa

All the teachers from Sweet Grass County High School. - Cody

Cyndi Bateman-May: She was instrumental in my elementary years to overcome my hearing loss. Steve Dayhuff... got me talking (speech pathologist). - Jeff

I’d like to shout out Mr. Gallagher as an amazing teacher! We need more teachers like him. He isn’t just a good teacher he also cares about his students and makes sure everyone is understanding. - Ashley

Can we give a shout out to Ms M and Ms Colleen @ Three Forks school. We are so great full for teachers like them. No Gift could show how much we appreciate them. - Vanessa

Shout out to Mrs. Robinson at Belgrade middle school. She is an amazing teacher and changing the lives of kids everyday. - Tabitha
I would like to give a shoutout to Mrs. Lehigh and Ms. Klatt and Mrs. Dahinden . They all work at the Belgrade Middle School and are fantastic ,fun,and caring. - Madi

Hey Dave could you give a shout out to my 4th grade teacher Mrs.Hirsch. The best teacher I’ve ever had! - Carter

Mrs . Kay Dighans from Belgrade elementary. She sadly passed this year but was a huge impact on a lot of lives. - Cate

Mr. Kraft is my math teacher at Sacajawea middle school. He’s the reason I love math so much. He is such a fun teacher and he is teaching me next years math. If I didn’t have him as a teacher then I would not love math as much as I do. - Tori

And she told me another one Toby Robinson. He was her basketball and track coach and has played a huge part of shaping her personality. - Lacey

Shout out to teachers Joe Moriarty (8th Grade math) Katie Strahn (freshman English), and Jim Thompson (senior English? I believe Jim is the current head of the English department at Bozeman High). Mr. Moriarty and I shared a passion for basketball and we read Larry Bird's biography then discussed it in detail. He was my 8th grade basketball coach and pushed me to strive to do better every drill, every practice, and every game. Mrs. Strahn was the first teacher to really encourage me as a writer. I didn't know how much she would impact my writing in th future. Mr. Thompson would spend hours discussing my writing after school. He always had time and that meant the world to me as a young writer. - Dustin

I appreciate many teachers (I am one myself) but this year I appreciate Erin Grant! She is one HECK of a kindergarten teacher and has helped our little man blossom into such an amazing learner! He loves school and loves to learn! Thank you Mrs. Grant! You’re a rockstar! - Alex

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