As a parent, keeping my child safe is my number one priority. So when I hear about a loaded gun being found in Montana middle school, I can't help but wonder, "how does this happen?"

In the last week, Helena Public Schools has had two different incidents that involve safety concerns, which has put more concerns in the hands of parents.

There are always two things that are asked when these situations take place, "how does this keep happening" and "what can we do to stop it"?

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On April 23rd, a middle school in Helena was under the suspicion of a student being intoxicated. After a search of the student's property, a loaded gun was found. Parents were notified of the incident after the school felt they had the incident under control.

A few days prior to that incident, a couple of 15-year-olds vandalized an elementary school and a middle school.

Could both of the incidents been prevented?

There is an app that the district schools use (Montana Cares App), that allow students and parents the ability to anonymously report safety concerns. But is that enough? As the parent of a teenager I wouldn't discourage having metal detectors at the doors of each school, and not just the main entrance.

Some will say, "well who is going to pay for metal detectors?". Does it matter? I would rather pay for the safety of our students and staff then pay for another dog park. Of course that is just my opinion, but if you were to ask more parents I would like to think they would agree.



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