On January 16th, 2023, numerous schools across the state of Montana received threatening emails regarding bombs in the schools. We have received an official press release from Bozeman Public Schools.

Official Press Release:

Earlier this evening hundreds of school administrators and school board trustees across the state of Montana received a threatening email originating from the same sender. Some of our BSD7 administrators and trustees received the email. It was sent out in batches and was directed at school systems in all parts of the state. The message is an emailed bomb threat stating that bombs have been placed in schools. The message doesn’t specify any particular school or district.

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We have been in contact with our law enforcement partners, and agencies across the state are investigating the threat this evening. At this time, we have been advised that it doesn’t appear to be a credible threat, but rather a hoax to cause disruption and concern across law enforcement and school systems in Montana. At this time we are proceeding with school at all sites tomorrow. If things change we will update parents and staff via email, district website, social media, and local media outlets.


I recognize that violent threats of this nature can cause increased anxiety and great concern for students, families, and staff. We take all threats seriously and we are incredibly grateful for our School Resource Officer (SRO) program and positive working relationship with local law enforcement agencies. You may notice an increased law enforcement presence at the schools tomorrow as we continue to work and monitor the situation. Questions for law enforcement can be directed to our SRO Sergeant, Scott McCormick, smccormick@bozeman.net.- Casey Bertram, Superintendent

Unfortunately, we hear about these threats more and more often. Our local schools do everything they can to keep the public notified of situations such as this and what precautions are taken.


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