Good ol' Montana. The 'Last Best Place'. Big Sky Country.

Known for the mountains, the endless outdoor activities, and miles and miles of beautiful open country. Such a small population (around 1.3 million) for the amount of land.

Now, if you were to scroll through the social media's surrounding Bozeman, you may think Montanan's are full of stupidity followed by a dose of narcissism. My favorite is when people are commenting on posts that are full of both grammatical errors and spelling errors.

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Check out these popular social sites to fully understand:

  • Ask Bozeman
  • The Real Ask Bozeman
  • Reckless Driving and Crappy Parking of Bozeman
  • Hipsters of Bozeman

BUT truth be told, Montana is actually considered pretty dang intelligent. Again, some of the comments could have made me think differently.

With all states considered, Montana actually ranks in the top 15 for most educated. After reading some of the comments from the socials listed above, you honestly could have fooled me. No offense.

In fact, compared to just the neighboring states, Montana is the most educated. Check out the map below and you can see where each state actually ranks when it comes to 'most and least educated'. 

Source: WalletHub

Montana does have the highest percentage of high school diploma holders which is great news for our future.

The poll taken to find these results used methods such as educational attainment and quality of education and attainment gap. You can see all of the results from the poll below and maybe you can educate some of our neighboring states.


cc: WalletHub 

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