Colleges in Montana are found everywhere, from Bozeman to Dillon, but which ones can save you money, and which ones will cost you?

Going to college was one of the most memorable experiences of many people's lives. Whether you went to college for education, sports, or both, many folks want to go to college to figure out what they possibly want to do as a profession.

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In Montana, several colleges are highly acclaimed due to incredible programs, such as nursing, architecture, film studies, and more. There are public universities like Montana State in Bozeman and private colleges like Carroll College in Helena.

Photo by Mitchell Luo via Unsplash
Photo by Mitchell Luo via Unsplash

Question many parents wonder as their children are growing up, how much is it to go to college in Montana?

The Daily Mail made a list of The Most Expensive and Cheapest Colleges in Every State, and Montana will have you asking a few questions. The way they determined the prices and which colleges fit each profile, they only used four-year institutions, so colleges like Gallatin College and Miles City Community College won't be available, and how much each college costs were all discovered through the Department of Education.

Let's start with the most expensive college n Montana. The most expensive college is Carroll College in Helena. It's no surprise. Carroll College is known as the Notre Dame of the west and is a private four-year institution. If you want to go to Carroll, it will cost you $38,000 per year. The upside is Carroll College is only the 37th most expensive college in America.

Carroll College via Facebook
Carroll College via Facebook

The cheapest college in Montana is Montana State University-Northern in Havre. If you want to attend MSU-Northern, it will only cost you $10,600 per year. That seems like an absolute steal. The wildest part is MSU-Northern ranks as the 36th cheapest college in America. You would think Montana would have a four-year institution that would be cheaper.

MSU Northern via Facebook

If you have kids that want to attend college, you have options on what you can afford in Montana. We recommend visiting Havre before attending MSU-Northern because if you don't enjoy high winds, that is not the place to go.

For more details, check out The Daily Mail.

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