I thought I was pretty good last week.  Went to Pilates and kickboxing at The Ridge Athletic Club.  Went for walks and bike rides, and ate healthy, low fat, low-calorie foods (except for Easter brunch).

Annie came back from a week long vacation, and I realized that I really didn't push myself that hard.  That's why I am continuing twice a week with her.  I also found a friend who is about my workout level who is coming with me.  We hold each other accountable, and have a friendly rivalry over who can work the hardest!  Plus, it makes it quite affordable.

Back to Easter Brunch, I ate so much bacon that I had sodium shock (Collen diagnosis).   That's what I think I love most about The Ridge.  I told Annie and she said Holiday meals don't count.  She says you have to live and enjoy life and food!  Love that girl!

My greatest fear when I joined The Ridge is that they were going to use that gadget to pinch my fat on my arms and stomach...or weigh me.  Annie asked if I wanted a body composition and I said no.  She didn't push me, but did say it's a good way to follow your progress.  You know how I know I am getting into shape and losing weight?  My jeans fit!!!!  They haven't since before my surgery.  I mean they fit without a muffin top.  I have some expensive jeans and was not willing to go up a size.  I decided to order a smaller body instead of bigger jeans.

I am not going to lie, I have been snitching the little chocolate eggs that look like little footballs out of my kids Easter baskets.  After yesterday's workout, I didn't feel even the littlest bit guilty about it!