Bozeman Easter Egg Hunts
Looking for some Easter Egg hunts for the kids this weekend? Here's a list of some of the hunts happening on Saturday around the Bozeman area.
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Easter
As far as holidays go, Easter might not be as popular as Christmas or Halloween, but it still has traditions and treats that can raise anyone’s spirit, mood or blood sugar level.
The most interesting part of this annual celebration of Spring and rebirth is the supposed difference in t…
Working off Easter – Colleen At The Ridge
I thought I was pretty good last week.  Went to Pilates and kickboxing at The Ridge Athletic Club.  Went for walks and bike rides, and ate healthy, low fat, low-calorie foods (except for Easter brunch).
Annie came back from a week long vacation, and I realized that I really didn't push…
Creative Ways to Decorate Your Easter Eggs [VIDEOS]
The Easter practice of egg decorating has meaning behind it: the egg itself represents rebirth, something early Pagans celebrated during the spring season, and was later adopted by Christians to represent the resurrection themes of the Easter holiday. Back in the olden days, colored eggs were decora…

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