Have you ever wondered what a weekend looks like for our Bozeman Police officers?  Here's a small sampling from this past weekend to give you an idea.

At 1:12 a.m. Sunday an officer pulled over a truck after they failed to use a turn signal.  The vehicle pulled into the Taco Bell parking lot.  The passenger, Victoria Pearson, told the officer that she was at Taco Bell for an interview.

No word on whether she got the job.

At 12:59 a.m. Saturday several officers were needed to detain a California man allegedly involved in a fight. The man was tased after which he threatened to "kill" officers and refused to walk to the patrol car.  He then had to be carried and secured in the back of the patrol car.

One of the officers complained of head pain after being punched by the suspect.

On Sunday in Big Sky a sheriffs deputy  responded to a fight. . . at a wedding.  Two women were involved in a beat down.  Details are sketchy but it sounds like one of the women was the officiate of the wedding the other was the grooms daughter!

Hopefully the deputy had a chance to get some free cake.

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