The custom of tipping came up today on the XL Morning Show. The subject has always been a mystery to me, because it seems so arbitrary. We tip a waitress or a waiter who brings us our food, yet at a fast food restaurant (the ones that bring your food to your table) we don't tip that person. Why?

Here's some others that are puzzling to me:

  • We tip a taxi driver but not a bus driver.
  • Why do most people not tip a tow truck driver? They're usually bailing us out of a crummy situation, seems like if anyone should be tipped, it would be them.
  • The UPS and Fed Ex guy brings us packages, why do we not tip them? That's a service, isn't it? We tip the pizza guy who brings food to our home.
  • What about the guys that change our oil or fix our vehicles? How come we don't tip them?

Are you confused by tipping, too? If you can explain tipping to me, or you have some questions like the ones above, email me at