This would be the perfect summer event not only for those who love golf, but for the whole family.

The US Open for the PGA Tour is happening this weekend in Brookline, Massachusetts, and is the premier golf event in America after the Masters. Whereas the Masters is held in the same place in Augusta, Georgia every year, the US Open moves to new locations each summer.

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The US Open has been played all over the United States, with the exception of the Pacific Northwest, where it has only been held rarely. Chamber Bay in Washington hosted the US Open a few years ago, and the reception was very positive. The players loved coming to the Northwest and trying a new venue.

Photo by Courtney Cook via Unsplash
Photo by Courtney Cook via Unsplash

This had me thinking, what if a Montana golf course ever got a chance to host a US Open event for the PGA Tour? Where would it be? What locations would be the best?

Well, I think I have a few ideas. Here are a few courses that would be perfect for the US Open:

Those are a few courses where I think Montana could potentially host a US Open with the PGA Tour. Having an event like this would not only be a fantastic opportunity to bring in money, but a good chance for aspiring young golfers in Montana to see the pros in our home state. 

Just a thought. 

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