With Hunting Season beginning in Montana, lots of kids will be heading out with their dads on their first hunt. This got us thinking when should a kid own their first gun?  We asked XL Nation to weigh in. See the results from our poll below.

Here's some of what XL Nation had to say on Facebook:

Randy said:

"10-12 , don't want to damage their ears too early in life. Ear plugs only protect about 20%. We bought our child a BB gun at 7 years old."

Steven said:

"I got a B.B. gun when I was 3 and a .22 when I was 4. Learning to shoot and use a gun was probably the hardest my dad was ever on me. I also got my daughter her first gun when she was three and my parents bought my son his first gun when he turned one. Start them early about using and respecting guns and we wouldn’t have the problems we have now"


Lindsey said:

"Both of my kids started shooting (not hunting, although they did go out with us) at about 5. They got their first bows at 6 (again not hunting, but they walked with us) But both if my kids had a gun in their hands at age 5, with our help."

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