Montana is an amazing place with amazing people. In fact, many Montanans whether born here or not, are extremely giving and can be found donating to their favorite local nonprofits or volunteering their time and talents to one of the several worthy causes around the state.

From kids and shelter pets to vets and wildlife, Montana is full of different ways to help and give back to this beautiful piece of the world.

Having said that, how do we rank compared to the other 49 states? Are we out in the lead, or are we more of a middle-of-the-pack type of state?  According to new data from our friends at WalletHub, we can now tell you where The Treasure State ranks when it comes to giving back.

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Not only do Montanans give back locally, but they also give back across the world. We are at or near the top in a couple of different categories and ranked high in several others, so let's take a look at where we stand.

  • 1st in AmeriCorps Volunteers per capita
  • 2nd in Peace Corps Volunteers per capita
  • 8th in Volunteer Rate 
  • 12th in Volunteer Hours per resident
Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Not to mention we are also the 2nd most patriotic state in the nation, which is pretty impressive when you think about the relatively low population that Montana has. Of course, for many, this will not seem like news, especially when you consider all of the beautiful American flags that you see as you drive across the state.

Source: WalletHub

So, congratulations to all of you who are out there making not only Montana a better place but the world as well. You represent the very best of the state and are certainly appreciated.

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