Working that job 9-5 can be a drain... but you have to keep on chugging along.  When you are working/ emailing/ planning for the weekend/ Facebooking, what is your most productive time of day?  I'd say mine is my lunch break!  But I don't think they count that.

Apparently, it's the moment when you're halfway between eating lunch and getting the hell out of there.

A new survey asked people to name the time of the day when they're least productive.  And the average answer is . . . 2:55 P.M.
 The most productive time of the day is 10:26 A.M.  Or in other words that's the time you are finished emailing and Facebooking!
 The second-most productive time of the day is 4:16 P.M. . . . when people are scrambling to get stuff done so they can leave on time.

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