Montanans love to cut loose during the summer and enjoy themselves and one of the best ways to do that is a music festival.

Montana might not have music festivals year-round, but we do have some solid festivals that occur during the summer. People who love country music head to Headwaters Country Jam, or if you love Americana, you need to check out the Red Ants Pants Music Festival. Another Montana event that has been gaining in popularity is the Under the Big Sky Festival near Whitefish.

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These festivals are spread throughout Montana and have filled a void for many concertgoers, but did you know there used to be more music festivals and events in Montana?

Photo by Chinh Le Duc via Unsplash
Photo by Chinh Le Duc via Unsplash

There used to be some interesting, wild, and entertaining music festivals and events throughout Montana, and we wanted to reflect on the ones that were beloved by locals and travelers.

Whether the music you loved was rock, alternative, folk, bluegrass, electronic, hip hop, or country, Montana has had a history of festivals for friends or family to get together and enjoy.

Photo by Arthur Edelmans via Unpslash
Photo by Arthur Edelmans via Unsplash

We found several defunct festivals and events that used to exist in Montana that catered to many different types of folks who love music and enjoy seeing it live. The craziest part is that many of these events have gone away within the past 15 years.

Maybe one day, a few of these will return, as it is now if you want to see all your favorite artists in one place you have to travel to different parts of the United States.

Here are Five Music Festivals and Events That Used To Exist in Montana.

Five Music Festivals and Events That Used To Exist in Montana

Montana used to have a wild variety of music festivals from electronic to alternative to other genres of music people love. Here are five festivals and events we wish would come back to life.

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