First, let me say, I had a great trip to San Francisco.  I got to see my sister and brother in-law, my niece and nephew, aunt and uncle, cousins, and even my 96 year old amazing grandmother!


We went to a Giants v A's baseball game, the wharf, the aquarium, a wedding, went swimming, out to great restaurants and saw a 60 year old man in a pink tutu.


If only I didn't have to fly to get there.  My husband and kids love to fly.  I hate it for many reasons:  the germs, the fear of death, the turbulence.  I fly, though, so I can see loved ones and visit places that are too far to drive.


After our trip home though, I may need a little break from air travel.  We arrived to the airport early Monday morning to fly from San Francisco to Denver.  After sitting on the tarmac for 1 1/2 hours, the pilot informed us we would be headed back to the terminal due to mechanical issues.


Fine by me.  I understand these things happen.  What I don't understand, is how 5 airplanes, all bound for Denver yesterday from SFO, could all have mechanical issues that caused cancelled flights.

The airline, which I won't name, but rhymes with Schmunited, got us to Denver late Monday night.  Luckily, my two sisters live there, and picked us up from the airport.  We had great food and wine, and we stayed the night.  Of course, we didn't have luggage.  Yes, I smelled bad, and couldn't change or even brush my teeth.

The flight from Denver to Bozeman luckily wasn't full, because the reservation they made for us the day before, miraculously wasn't there.  Neither were the vouchers for future travel that they promised us.

I truly understand that mechanical problems, weather problems, etc.  happen.   But, we have all complied with the MANY rules that airports and airlines have, yet they have us by the...can't think of a nice word here.   Our only option is to not fly.

The thing that I find semi-amusing is that I'm mad we aren't getting vouchers, and yet, the thought of getting on another plane anytime soon, literally makes me sick to my stomach.

Thank you, my lovely listeners for letting me rant.  Please feel free to tell me about your traveling nightmares!

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