In case you didn't already know, the entire city of Bozeman and most of Montana has gone "Cat Crazy".

Our beloved Bobcats are taking on North Dakota State University for the National Championship game on January the 8th down in Frisco, Texas and everybody is talking about it.  It didn't take long for the game to sell out and with only a certain number of tickets allotted to Montana State University, not everyone that wanted to purchase tickets had the chance, and that left a whole lot of disappointed Bobcat fans.

Well, I've got some good news for you, you could still score a pair of tickets to the game.

Our friends over at Kendall Ford Lincoln in Bozeman reached out to let us know they have a pair of tickets they're giving away and to get qualified to win, you need to head over to the dealership and test drive a vehicle.  The clock is ticking however before you have until 5 pm this Friday (January 31st) to get qualified.

Not only is Kendall Ford Lincoln in Bozeman giving away tickets to the game, but they are also throwing in airfare as well as hotel accommodations. So, tickets, airfare, and hotel?


This of course is an incredible opportunity.  As we all know, this is the first appearance in the National Championship game for Montana State since 1984.  The fact that it is against North Dakota State, who by the way, have knocked the Cats out of the playoffs the last two playoffs makes it that much more intense.

Once again, you have until 5 PM this Friday (January 31st) to get over and test drive a vehicle at Kendall Ford Lincoln here in Bozeman to get qualified to win the prize. Good luck to you and go Bobcats!

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