There's been some talk recently, especially around the Bozeman area, that Montanans might not be as friendly as they could be, particularly to those who move here from other places.

Of course, every person's story is different, and while I don't doubt those folks that had a bad experience, as someone that wasn't born here, I find most folks to be extremely friendly. So, when it comes to Montanans and friendliness, where is the friendliest place in Montana?

Believe it or not, it's a popular tourist destination.

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According to the website Only In Your State, the most friendly town in Montana is Whitefish. This isn't the first time a website has said that Whitefish is the friendliest town in the state. Back in 2021, we had an article about how Expedia proclaimed Whitefish not only to be the friendliest town in Montana, but the friendliest town in the country.

Credit: Photo by Colin Cassidy on Unsplash
Credit: Photo by Colin Cassidy on Unsplash

So what's the secret? What makes Whitefish so popular?

Well, the picturesque setting certainly doesn't hurt. Nor do all of the different shops, restaurants, and other cool stores that you will find around town. Plus, there are all of the outdoor activities that attract folks by the thousands. Then, of course, there are the people.  While Whitefish has several residents that are not locals, there is also a nice mix of Montanans and somehow, they seem to be able to co-exist in peace.

Do you agree? Do you think Whitefish is the friendliest town in Montana? If not, which Montana town would you say is?

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